How Do I Change My Twitter Handle

Nowadays, Twitter is usually utilized as one more channel for expert link-- for instance, if you're a freelance author, you may make use of Twitter to acquire a complying with and allow viewers to engage with you.

How Do I Change My Twitter Handle

How Do I Change My Twitter Handle

1. Go to "Settings and privacy" from your account symbol drop-down menu.

2. Under Account, click the message box close to "Username" as well as type a new username in the area. If the username is taken, Twitter will certainly trigger you to make a brand-new one. If the username is readily available, you'll see an eco-friendly "Available!" notice.

3. Click "Save changes" at the bottom of the screen.

How to Change Your Twitter Handle on Twitter's Mobile App

1. Within the mobile application, click on your account icon and after that select "Settings and privacy".
2. Click "Account".
3. Click "Username".
4. Under "New", type in a brand-new Twitter take care of. If you need assistance, Twitter gives a checklist of suggestions for different handles.

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