Can You Get Spotify without Facebook

Spotify and Facebook are quite close these days, with Facebook log in relatively the favored approach of establishing an account. Can You Get Spotify Without Facebook - Yet, several of us do not have a Facebook account, or simply plain don't wish to make use of anything that makes us log right into it this way. Anxiety not however, since with Spotify there is another way. You just need to look past the iOS app to locate it.

Can You Get Spotify Without Facebook

Opening up Spotify on your iPhone or iPad brings up the welcome screen we see up top. Login with Facebook, or login with your Spotify details. Definitely absolutely no options for registering to a Spotify account below besides Facebook. To get around this, put down your iOS device, and also directly over to the Spotify homepage in your desktop web browser.

Here, when you struck the log in option at the top, you'll exist with a box that asks you for your Facebook details, or your Spotify details, as well as in this situation, supplies you a "Subscribe" choice ought to you not have an account. Proceed and visit this site.

As if by magic, it gives you the option to sign up to a Spotify account in the great, old-fashioned method; with your Email address. Enter your information, struck subscribe, and you must ready to go. When you've finished any necessary confirmations, head back to your iphone gadget, enter your qualifications, and you're away. Completely Facebook free!

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