Why Can't I Connect to Facebook

So if you are trying to launch the Facebook app however you are continuously obtaining the cannot attach Tap to retry error after that today is your lucky day as I have a possible fix for the problem that need to work in a lot of cases.So once you have an Android device and getting this error you can go ahead as well as attempt the steps listed below in the fix to handle the concern - Why Can't I Connect To Facebook.

The mistake: You will attempt to release the Facebook app on your android smartphone customarily then you will certainly be faced with the error: cannot attach Faucet to retry with the picture of just what appears to be a grey cloud with a disapprove its face.also whatever you do Facebook will not connect in spite of various other apps have the ability to link to the web on the exact same phone.

Why Can't I Connect To Facebook

How you can Fix can not link Tap to retry Facebook App?

To fix this problem and also remove the mistake that you are seeing after that attempt the following solution

1. Make certain you are detached from the net.

2. Go to settings, applications then look for the Facebook Application.

3. Next off go to storage as well as clear cache and clear data. Following force stop the App.

4. Restart your phone, link to the internet then hereafter relaunch the app and login again.

Your phone must login no issue and the problem ought to be taken care of.


1. Start your phone into Android healing as shown below.

2. Clear the Cache Partition of your device.

3. Restart and also permit phone to start-up as normal.

4. Attempt connecting to Facebook.

Why did this Take care of Work?

Corrupted cache for application could take place after a very long time of use and also impact the capacity of the App to function well. This could then consequently triggered internet connectivity issues in Net dependent applications such as Facebook as well as other issues. All we did was to remove the old cache and also as you saw this repaired the problem with the app linking.

Final Thoughts

I do wish you fixed your trouble and also if not you can associate your specific circumstance below and I make sure I must have the ability to recommend other options or one of my visitors might make practical ideas. Likewise do put in the time to share this article if you found it beneficial at all.

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