Toyota Corolla 2011

Toyota Corolla 2011: The Toyota Corolla portable car is stuck in the slow-moving lane as its competition zooms by. The updates it received for the 2009 model year as well as again for 2011 have not sufficed to keep up in this rapidly developing sector.

From its plain driving experience and aging interior to its subpar gas mileage, the 2011 Corolla can not match just what its competitors offers. We evaluated a high-level 2011 Corolla S with an as-tested cost of $20,855.

Toyota Corolla 2011

Trip & Handling

Historically, among the Corolla's much better high qualities has been its relatively comfy trip that's well-suited to everyday commuting. That had not been the case with the S design I examined, whose trip quality is better to the Kia Specialty's tight tuning. The suspension transmits even small pavement imperfections to the cabin, while larger bumps generate a loud jolt. The harsh ride and also considerable road noise recall an earlier age, when small vehicles compromised refinement for low-priced motoring.

The Corolla's body movements are reasonably well-controlled when cornering, however unlike the revamped Focus and also the Mazda3, the cars and truck has no cravings for enjoyable. Its numb steering is among the largest wrongdoers; there's no feel for just what's happening down at the front tires. I want to drive, however the Corolla did more to wet my enthusiasm for it compared to any kind of car I have actually been in lately.

Going & Stopping

None of the present plant of portable automobiles is particularly quick, however the majority of them could keep pace with fast-moving metropolitan traffic. The Corolla can, too, however there were times when the four-speed automatic's tailoring made the vehicle really feel slow. The bigger problem, though, is a lack of drivetrain improvement-- a location where competitors like the Elantra as well as Cruze have actually increased the bar considerably.

The 1.8-liter four-cylinder is a rugged little engine that you constantly hear, yet which never ever sounds good. The automatic does one-gear kickdowns with proper speed, yet if you need a two-gear downshift be prepared to wait a moment for the transmission to earn the option-- as well as for the additional engine sound that accompanies it.

Perhaps the oddest aspect of the Corolla driving experience is the car's tendency to surge a little while attempting to maintain a constant rate (without making use of cruise control). It wasn't a single point, either, as I can constantly count on it happening during my commute when traveling around 50 mph. Whether it's brought on by an excessively delicate gas pedal or another thing, it's the kind of thing that might drive you crazy on a road trip. The only various other car I've driven that exhibited comparable actions was a Mercury Milan Crossbreed I evaluated a few years ago.

The Corolla has long been a fuel-sipping selection in the portable sector, however its EPA-estimated gas mileage has actually been reasonably regular for the past few years, while the competition has seen big improvements. The 2011 Elantra is rated 29/40 mpg city/highway, as well as regular variations of the automatic-equipped 2012 Civic are ranked 28/39 mpg. The automatic Corolla, on the other hand, gets just what currently seems like a dull 26/34 mpg.

Like the steering tuning, the Corolla's mushy brake pedal is partially in charge of the cars and truck's plain feeling.

Cabin Roominess & Design

The driver's seat consists of a height adjustment, however I never ever found an optimal driving position due to the fact that the steering wheel didn't tilt low sufficient for me. Plus, the resting area for your left foot is unbelievably small-- my foot was constantly gliding off it-- and uneasy. One of our editors thought the vehicle driver's seat really did not move back far enough, either.

A snug backseat is rather normal for the compact segment, as well as the Corolla is no exemption. My knees were pressed right into the chauffeur's seat, which the good news is really did not have any plastic support. The rear seat doesn't provide much upper leg assistance, either. I'm 6-foot-1, which is a tough test for a compact, yet the Corolla's rear seat appears tighter than most.

Compared to the 2011 Elantra or 2012 Emphasis, the Corolla's conservatively styled interior looks dull. Still, all the essential controls are attentively prepared and within simple reach when driving. That stated, the cabin has many quality shortcomings-- and also just a couple of outstanding characteristics.

Maybe the greatest culprit is the air-conditioning controls, which are composed mostly of three big dials that revolve with a sloppiness not usually seen in a contemporary vehicle. Each time you adjust the temperature level, follower rate or air movement instructions, you'll be reminded just how crude these controls are.

The cabin likewise has quite a bit of difficult plastic on the upper door trim and armrests, so regardless of where you rest your left arm, it probably won't find a cushioned surface. There are also harsh coatings on the minimally padded facility armrest that additionally diminish the sense of quality, and also the urethane guiding wheel on our high-level S trim felt out of put on a $20,000-plus car.

On the other hand, the optional stereo in our test auto showed great deals of track info on its screen, it had actually perfectly damped switches and also it consisted of a Bluetooth streaming audio feature.


The 2011 Corolla is an Insurance Coverage Institute for Freeway Security Top Safety Pick. It obtained the top overall score-- Good-- in the IIHS' front, side, rear as well as roof-strength tests, as well as it has a conventional electronic stability system. Nevertheless, in the National Highway Web traffic Security Administration's side-impact accident test, the Corolla got just two out of five stars.

Corolla in the marketplace

In the '90s, GM's and also Ford's automobile businesses languished while the car manufacturers went after benefit from SUVs, a method that alienated cars and truck consumers. It seems Toyota didn't find out by their example, because in the past couple of years the Corolla has been overlooked.

It's still a top-seller, however I think much of that success is driven by the automobile's track record, rather than where it actually places in the compact segment today. Consumers happy to take a look at the Hyundai Elantra, for instance, will locate a vehicle that's more enjoyable to drive, has far better interior high quality as well as gets better gas mileage.

GM is building affordable vehicles nowadays, but it's still battling to shed adverse consumer perceptions. The Corolla appears to be riding on the goodwill it's accumulated over the years, however fact will certainly catch up with it at some point. If that takes place before Toyota takes on a serious effort to revamp the cars and truck, the automaker is going to have a problem on its hands.

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