Dip Your Car

We have actually owned our '68 for over a years and have actually viewed its paint fade, crack and also chip.
Some locations were to the metal and also we wanted to throw down the gauntlet before it got any worse - Dip Your Car.

We found Plasti-Dip *. Plasti-Dip is resistant to sun fading, winter months ice, cold, and also salt. It is also a long lasting yet detachable material that will peel when we decide to spend for a real paint work.

* We chose plasti-dip due to the fact that: IT'S NOT PERMANENT. I haven't repainted a cars and truck prior to and really did not want to examine out doing a "real paint work" on our CLASSIC. I'm satisfied with the result (nevertheless momentary it may be) it's offering its purpose well: safeguarding the AUTOMOBILE while we determine if we will select silver in the future

Dip Your Car


We acquired a big professional CAR set on dipyourcar.com

The set includes the DYC DipSprayer ™ System, 4 Gallons of Rubber Dip Spray, tape, DipWasher ®, Decals, mixing stick, Dip Guard, Paint Stirrer and Microfiber Towels.

We used Plasti-dip shade: Aluminum for the base as well as Silver Metalizer for the leading layer.

Plasti-dip is additionally offered in a spray can.


Due to the fact that our old paint had not been standing up any longer we invested a lot of time prepping our AUTOMOBILE to make sure an even surface.

Using an electrical orbital sander we sanded the rough spots then covered them with a spray on automobile primer that filled in small blemishes.

We also removed the emblems, lights and also reflectors from the body of the AUTOMOBILE.

Step 3: TAPE OR NOT?

Plasti-Dip can be easily peeled areas (such as headlights) after you have actually finished applying the last layer ... Nevertheless: prepping the area decreases the headache of eliminating plasti-dip later on.

Utilizing painters tape and also papers, cover home windows as well as locations that you do not intend to obtain plasti-dip on.

We covered the wheels with 40 gallon sized trash bags.


Before using the plasti-dip to the CAR it SHOULD be tidy.

Plasti-dip is an overlay that will create a separate layer on top of any surface- including dirt and dirt ... so get the surface area REALLY CLEAN.

After cleansing the area completely dry it with a towel.


Discover an area that is very aerated and out of direct sunlight. We repainted the first coat on outdoors in the shade- it was not an ideal location- the smallest amount of wind created a lot of overspray accumulation. The very best area would be an open garage.


Use a mask. It is useful if you have a person that will certainly follow you lugging the paint turbine as you go. Paint in sections as you work your means around the CAR. COVER EVERYTHING! Also lay on the ground to get the hard to see locations along the bottom of the VEHICLE!

The very first layer is your bonding layer- It is essential that this is a light dusting (50 -60% openness). This will certainly allow the remainder of the layers to bond and also adhere to the paint. Spray in a clean sweeping activity, ensuring to hold the sprayer 6-- 8 inches far from the area. Allow plasti dip to dry 15-30 mins between each layer.

We repainted 6 layers of Aluminum plasti-dip and 3 layers of Silver Metalizer.


After the final layer is used, immediately get rid of any type of tape or newspaper from the CAR prior to plasti-dip dries.

Step 8: CURE IT!

Now the plasti-dip will take 4 hours to totally heal. DON'T TOUCH IT. As well as at ALL expenses, stay clear of any kind of substance that might trigger damage to the area.


After it treated we put the emblems, and so on back on, changed our sill-plates, hub caps, antenna and also seat covers as well as included the C-Stripe decal.

This is a large work. Take your time and do it well. It took 3 people servicing it every open possibility 7 weeks to complete.

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