2013 toyota Camry Xle

In a lot of forms, the Camry is a peaceful, smooth-riding car with couple of thrills or grievances, but the 2013 SE with an uplevel V-6 showed just the Camry's defects - 2013 toyota Camry Xle.

The Camry was entirely upgraded for the 2012 model year and continues to be fairly unmodified for 2013. You can check out a testimonial of the 2012 four-cylinder and other trim degrees below.

2013 toyota Camry Xle


At the heart of the sport-tuned SE is a 268-horsepower, 3.5-liter V-6 engine that provides power exceptionally smoothly and also reasonably silently with a six-speed transmission. Charging up freeway on-ramps and also passing at high speeds are non-events with this much power on tap. Nevertheless, in a fashion much like just what we experienced in the 178-hp four-cylinder, the front tires can break out under tough acceleration subsequently maneuvers.

Both largest differences between the Camry four-cylinders we've evaluated in the past as well as this SE are the noticeable mileage charge as well as the surprising sacrifice in flight high quality.

The four-cylinder Camry is rated 25/35/28 mpg city/highway/combined. That lags the upgraded 2013 Honda Accord's 27/36/30 mpg, while both lag behind the likewise lately redesigned 2013 Nissan Altima's 27/38/31 mpg.

Going up to the V-6 option in any of these three impacts mileage significantly, with the Camry going down to 21/31/25 mpg. The V-6 Accord is rated 21/34/25, and also the Altima is 22/31/25 mpg.

Subjectively, our editors have actually constantly discovered the Camry to use a silent and comfortable flight that ought to interest travelers and road-trippers alike. In our $26,000 Midsize Car Challenge (see the outcomes), judges racked up the vehicle well for its trip across the board, while other contenders had inconsistent outcomes.

The SE model attempts to supply a sporty driving experience that is absolutely absent in various other Camry versions we've tested. The handling and also steering are somewhat sharper right here, but there was still that tire-slip concern. Also, a great deal of trip comfort is sacrificed for sportiness-- a sacrifice I do not think Camry customers will intend to make.

Over freeway development joints, the SE's suspension delivered obvious jolts that ended up being a severe annoyance on my commute. The 18-inch alloy wheels didn't help matters. They're conventional on the SE V-6, while 17s are common on both the four-cylinder SE as well as the XLE V-6.


As the competition warms up, Toyota discovers itself dealing with not simply Honda and Nissan, however likewise considerable entrances from Hyundai, Kia, Ford and also Mazda. All produce remarkable midsize cars, especially in regards to their interiors.

Some, like the Altima and also Hyundai Sonata, offer a similar degree of comfort as the Camry, while the brand-new Accord, Ford Combination and also Mazda6 deliver upscale interiors that the Camry could not compete with.

The previous-generation Camry's interior stood up in time as one of the classiest in the section, but the revamped model seemed inexpensive to much of us first. That's not an excellent check in an ambience where Honda needed to upgrade its last Civic a year after a full redesign thanks to comparable sentiment.

The problem doesn't come from the controls or design, however generally making use of varied appearances along the dash, doors, armrests and also various other areas that are frequently touched by owners and gazed upon by all.

They really feel rather mushy to the touch and also look excessive like vinyl to the eye. Also some stitching methods that try to be high end stop working right here. My spouse, upon entering our $32,090 Camry examination vehicle (with options as well as location), asked if she remained in the Corolla, the Toyota compact car that starts at half that cost.

The Camry still uses a sizable cabin that fits for the chauffeur as well as travelers. Both guest and trunk volume-- 102.7 cubic feet and 15.4 cubic feet, specifically-- remain in line with the remainder of the class.


The Camry is geared up with a common suite of air bags and is a Top Security Pick by the Insurance Coverage Institute for Highway Security. It likewise earned a first-class general safety and security rating from the National Highway Web Traffic Security Management.

In a current Child seat Inspect by Cars.com's certified installers, the Camry racked up well for fitting all kinds of child-safety seats in numerous placements, along with for convenience of setup. You can locate all the safety-related functions here.

Camry in the marketplace

As a four-cylinder with lots of comfort and also space, the Camry is still an auto to recommend. There are simply more rivals today that likewise require a close look, whatever sort of flight a consumer wants in a midsize car.

In its most performance-oriented version, nonetheless, the Camry is no longer real to exactly what has made it such a preferred vehicle and yet fails to deliver all right on the promise of delights.

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