2007 toyota Rav4

2007 toyota Rav4: The compact SUV section is possibly one of the most competitive department in the automobile market today. That suggests customers have a lot more designs to select from compared to ever. Toyota's RAV4 was entirely upgraded for 2006 as well as offers a more manly appearance compared to in previous incarnations, although that alone does not press it to pick of the litter.

Toyota has a lot going for it with its brand-new RAV4. There's tons of cargo room, ergonomic controls, useable storage space bins almost everywhere and also-- in the V-6 version I checked-- plenty of driving thrills. Add the wonderful mileage as well as affordable sticker price, as well as I'm finding arguments versus the RAV4 tough ahead by.

2007 toyota Rav4


When the RAV4 was revamped in 2015, it obtained a full overhaul from its cute-ute past. While a few good friends suggested it was still a car for women, I believed my red examination lorry was sporty sufficient for any guy to drive. The huge black grille alone stated this small SUV meant business.

Gone is the small hood inside story that never appeared appropriate on a non-turbocharged vehicle. Every angle discovers sharp lines that are exceptionally contemporary. The only bad move-- as well as not just in the style division-- is the spare tire and also cover planted on the rear hatch.


Toyota isn't known for bold interior design, and also essentially that remains true in the RAV4, though there are particular components that try to offer some eye sweet. The big, arrow-shaped door takes care of make a declaration, as does the two-tiered center console that houses entertainment features on the top and also environmental protections on the bottom. My sporting activity model didn't come with dual-zone environment control, and that changes the AIR CONDITIONING manages from 2 collections of buttons to 3 huge knobs. I was more than satisfied to have the practical handles for my week with the RAV4. In some cases, straightforward technology functions best.

My test automobile featured black towel interior that fit and also felt excellent to the touch. It was soft but provided the impression it would certainly also take on some abuse. After a long commute in bumper-to-bumper website traffic I had no demand for a long term stretch as well as no complaints regarding my back.

The split rear seat wasn't as comfy, however it reclines and also can be moved on as well as back to increase legroom or cargo area, relying on the configuration. This is one of those now-essential SUV functions.

Likewise vital for SUVs-- despite their size-- is a great deal of cargo space, and young boy, does the RAV4 attribute freight area; I was astonished when I searched for the figures. The RAV4 not just has even more cargo room than the redesigned Honda CR-V, Mitsubishi Outlander and various other small SUVs, it has even more area compared to the Jeep Grand Cherokee as well as upcoming Ford Side, both which are bigger cars overall. Toyota could truthfully tout its "ideal in class freight area" because absolutely nothing else comes close. Remarkably, the RAV4 doesn't look that cavernous personally; a low tons floor and high ceiling disguise its roominess.

Going & Preventing

My test car came loaded with an optional 263-horsepower V-6, and it sold me. If I had to make the selection in between the base four-cylinder and the higher-powered and higher-priced V-6-- approximately a $2,000 cost rise-- I would certainly take the V-6.

The gas pedal was as twitchy as Dirty Harry's trigger finger, and launches from a dead stop offered an unexpected rush of velocity. After those jolting take-offs the engine never ever seemed to run out of power. This is not the norm in the portable SUV market, and also both the brand-new CR-V as well as Hyundai Santa Fe I recently tested delivered far more calm driving experiences.

On the highway, the engine revved gladly to pass and combine, but the power was accompanied by a shock in between equipments. The five-speed transmission was most definitely not the smoothest I've checked, and also you'll know when you're altering equipments. There is no deceptive speed below; when you punch the gas it comes quickly.

The most effective feature of the V-6 engine? It's not the efficiency, it's the gas mileage. The EPA-estimated mileage is 21 mpg in the city as well as 28 mpg on the freeway. That's comparable to lots of four-cylinder models on the marketplace and on the same level with the four-cylinder RAV4, which obtains 24/30 mpg.

As fun and also functional as the engine was, I did not fall in love with the brakes. Toyota truly missed out on an opportunity to provide a performance-oriented SUV for the masses by failing to boost the brakes. Yes, the RAV4 showcases anti-skid brakes and also discs on all four edges, yet when you hit the brake pedal there's a mushy feedback that does not assure. It's great to earn the RAV4 fast, however it needs to come to a halt equally as fast.

Trip & Handling

The RAV4 comes in either two- or 4x4. My red tester had four-wheel drive, but it was an automatic, on-demand system. That means power is divvied up between the front and also rear wheels electronically depending upon driving conditions. When four-wheel drive is needed, the system instantly shifts power so both vehicles share the lots. When it's not, power goes just to the front wheels in order to help with gas economic situation. There's a four-wheel-drive lock switch that can be made use of in off-road scenarios, but only approximately 25 mph.

Because my test lorry was a Sport model, the suspension was changed for efficiency instead of comfort. That absolutely affected the ride, as the RAV4 felt rougher than the competition I've driven, however it was additionally a lot more enjoyable to drive. Those are selections consumers need to make when making a decision in between normal and Sporting activity models. Do not let a salesperson inform you otherwise; if you want a commuter for good gas mileage as well as a soft ride, get the conventional model. If you want a little a lot more excitement, as well as the children do not mind the bumps, get the Sport.


The new RAV4 made the Insurance policy Institute for Freeway Safety's leading ranking of Great in both frontal and side-impact collision examinations. A number of safety features come common, consisting of anti-skid brakes, side curtain air bags with rollover sensing units, an electronic stability system and traction control.


My test vehicle was nicely equipped, though it didn't feature leather seats, power seats or steering wheel sound controls. It did have a power sunroof as well as a quite good stereo-- add in the V-6, and also I don't think the price of $27,784 is that negative. I don't mind the lack of leather in an energy car; if you're using the RAV4 the means it's planned, natural leather shouldn't be a problem. For those that feel in a different way, it's still an alternative.

Speaking of energy, the freight area was among the most effective I have actually seen in an SUV this dimension. If you subtract the horribly aggravating side-opening back hatch, it would possibly be one of the easiest to utilize on the market. Like the Mazda CX-7, the back seats fold flat using manages placed in the rear cargo location, along with by handles on the seats themselves. This suggests that when you remain in a car park with a cart filled with two-by-fours you can get the room you require without having to open both back doors.

The freight flooring is carpeted but can be flipped over to become a tough plastic flooring. This feature is likewise located on the CX-7, and also the Mazda's is a bit much better at fitting flush with the remainder of the floor.

Toyota RAV4 out there

When you take into consideration the voluminous cargo area, bunch of attributes and also optional V-6 engine, there's not a whole lot in this price array that can truly take on the RAV4. The only problem is there are a lot of various other little SUVs in this price range, and also they all provide distinct attributes and also styling. In the long run I would not be surprised if individuals opt away from the RAV4 just as a result of appearances, despite the fact that Toyota did a good work with the design and enhanced what was when a diminutive gamer out there. Now, it has a rapid, spacious as well as not-so-bad-looking compact SUV.

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