2005 toyota Camry Se

2005 toyota Camry Se: One of our top-rated household automobiles, the Camry is quiet, polished, spacious, and comfortable. For 2005 it obtained a small update and a brand-new five-speed automatic transmission. Handling is foreseeable and also secure. The XLE is fitted with grippier tires that improve handling and braking. The V6 is smooth as well as receptive. The lack of a telescoping steering wheel compromises the driving position for some motorists. The front seats are comfortable yet could benefit from better upper leg assistance. ABDOMINAL is typical for 2005. We suggest the optional curtain air bags. Without them the Camry received a Poor score in the IIHS side-crash examination.

2005 toyota Camry Se

The Camry is a qualified, moderate, comfortable riding sedan. The five-speed transmission is smooth. The substantial inside is quiet and is outfitted with top quality, well-fitting products. Handling is responsive, yet tire grasp is restricted. This variation of the Camry obtained a Poor in the IIHS side-crash examination when examined without the optional side- or head-protection airbags.


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