Toyota Rav 4 Mpg

Toyota Rav 4 Mpg: In commercials as well as advertisements for automobiles we often see MPG, or miles each gallon, featured plainly. A lot of us understand that a higher MPG is preferred because it equates to much less check outs at the filling station. However just what does that number actually indicate?

Toyota Rav 4 Mpg

Essentially, MPG tells you how many miles your car could travel on a solitary gallon of gas. If, for instance, your car gets 34 miles per gallon, then traveling 34 miles should eat precisely one gallon of gas.

We normally see two different numbers-- city MPG and highway MPG. These figures are figured out by the federal Environmental Protection Agency, which ranks the fuel economic climates of new vehicles after extensive testing on a dynamometer. City MPG refers to driving with occasional quiting and braking, imitating the problems you're likely to face while driving on city streets. Freeway MPG is based on more constant velocity, which normally generates a greater figure due to the fact that it's a more effective use the engine.

Nevertheless, these figures typically aren't necessarily the like just what you would certainly enter day-to-day life. Every person drives in different ways. These tests don't take into consideration how quick a chauffeur drives, when they decide to shift gears (if they utilize a manual transmission), or road problems special to your area. Simply puts, your results might vary.

Toyota Rav4 Mpg

2015 Toyota Rav4 Mpg: 24.2 AVG MPG
2014 Toyota Rav4 Mpg: 23.8 AVG MPG
2007 Toyota Rav4 Mpg: 21.9 AVG MPG
2008 Toyota Rav4 Mpg: 22.2 AVG MPG
2005 Toyota Rav4 Mpg: 23.1 AVG MPG
2004 Toyota Rav4 Mpg: 22.7 AVG MPG
2006 Toyota Rav4 Mpg: 22.3 AVG MPG
2002 Toyota Rav4 Mpg: 22.9 AVG MPG
2003 Toyota Rav4 Mpg: 24.2 AVG MPG
1998 Toyota Rav4 Mpg: 23.0 AVG MPG

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