Toyota Highlander 2013 Price

toyota highlander 2013 price: Even in its last model year before a redesign, the 2013 Toyota Highlander excels, strong, standard family transport-- nothing to set the heart aflame, however incomparably competent.

Some cars, and Toyotas specifically, often get referred to by automobile enthusiasts as "home appliances." The contrast is made between a Camry and a refrigerator, or a Corolla and a washering, for example. The ramification (normally less than kind) is that these lorries have attributes that are less fun as well as more useful. One wouldn't take a refrigerator to an autocross, or drag-race a washering from a stoplight. But for countless people around the globe, a home appliance is specifically just what they want in an automobile-- something they do not have to think of to use, that isn't quirky or over the top, that's trusted as well as straightforward. For those individuals, lots of Toyotas are absolutely best-- and also the 2013 Highlander is the pinnacle of such appliancelike, comfy, utilitarian reasoning.

toyota highlander 2013 price

This is the last year for this design of Highlander, with a brand-new 2014 model on its manner in which was revealed at the 2013 New York International Car Show in March. Nevertheless, there's a lot to like concerning the current Highlander, which has roominess, power, comfort and energy in droves.

Nothing Fancy, Simply Standard Capability

The shape knows now, with relatively hostile styling that has been duplicated by several makers. (The new Nissan Pathfinder, as an example, looks a lot similar to this Highlander in lots of means.) It's a clean, flowing style that experiences a bit from wheels that look somewhat also little in the base V-6 trim degree I examined. If you like the means it looks, however, get one now, as the 2014 model will obtain an instead substantial styling update that's not to everyone's taste.

The inside is similarly pleasing. Absolutely nothing outrageous, just well laid out, exceptionally comfy and made from high-quality products that have actually been screwed together well. Up front, the low, soft-touch dash as well as high seats setting integrate for a powerful sight over the hood, with outstanding exposure sideways and back as well. Controls on the facility control board huge and also clear, with huge buttons and beefy handles that make operating the climate-control system a breeze (sorry). The gauges are intense, clear as well as very easy to check out at a look. There's absolutely nothing remarkable concerning the forms and textures in below, but there's nothing to anger either-- unless you're someone who calls for some visual interest in your transport option, as there's none to be found in the limitless sea of gray plastic stretching from door to door. At the very least in the Highlander it's respectable plastic, unlike in some other Toyota products, like the Venza.

Seating is functional as well as extremely spacious, especially in the second row, which includes amazing amounts of legroom. This is a three-row SUV, including a fold-down seat for 2 individuals in the cargo area, accessible via the fold-and-tumble second-row seats. That 3rd row is broad sufficient for full-sized adults, however legroom is seriously jeopardized. This is just a midsized SUV, nevertheless, not a full-sizer like the Toyota Sequoia or Chevrolet Traverse. Folding up the 2nd row for entrance to the 3rd is very easy, with handles atop the seatbacks making for simple operation even by children. Both the second and third rows fold up level, creating a massive cargo room able to hold huge, large objects.

Interior electronics are fundamental and not awfully complicated on the entry-level Highlander (the just significant alternatives my examination design had were a V-6 engine and four-wheel drive). The basic touch-screen multimedia show is big and also easy to use, however a second, smaller sized display over it showed minimal lorry details, as well, with just a handful of screens to choose from. You can alternative up a Highlander to the handle with points like Toyota's Entune (a cloud-based home entertainment and also info system), a navigation system and more, yet my tester had none of that-- only satellite radio and also a windshield-wiper heating unit, part of the $60 Cold Weather Package. On the plus side, an absence of attributes implies the interior is minimalist as well as uncomplicated. It likewise suggests there's little to do yet drive.

Roly-Poly, however Not Pokey

Thankfully, driving the Highlander is equally as enjoyable as sitting in or checking out one. In the base design, power originates from a basic 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine making 187 horsepower, yet my tester had the optional 3.5-liter V-6 engine, bumping horse power up to a far more confidence-inspiring 270 hp. In true Toyota fashion, the V-6 is the picture of smoothness, so much to make sure that the only method to know it's performing at idle is to blip the pedal. Hit that exact same pedal while the Highlander's on duty, and you're awarded with solid, seamless acceleration. A six-speed transmission is conventional with the four-cylinder, however the V-6 comes just with a five-speed automatic. A gasoline-electric hybrid variation is likewise available. With the exception of the hybrid, nonetheless, the drivetrain overall is a bit behind the moments-- most competitors are offering six-speed automatics throughout the array, plus turbocharging or at the very least direct-injection technology. Luckily, many purchasers will not know any kind of technical deficiency thanks to the Highlander's buttery procedure and also effortless velocity.

Exactly what they could discover, nevertheless, is gas economic situation. Highlanders with the base four-cylinder engine and front-wheel drive are ranked 20/25 mpg city/highway-- tolerable for a huge seven-seat cruiser. Fuel economic situation drops to 18/24 for the larger V-6 engine, and even better, to 17/22 mpg, when you add four-wheel drive. My week with the Highlander returned 19 mpg in combined driving; not bad, but definitely not class-leading any longer. It falls well except the brand-new all-wheel-drive Nissan Pathfinder, rated 19/25 mpg, and also the brand-new seven-seat Hyundai Santa Fe, which can be found in at 18/24 mpg. It additionally typically matches the much larger Chevrolet Traverse for mixed gas mileage rating (19 mpg), and also does 1 mpg much better in the city and also 1 mpg even worse on the highway. The Highlander lineup's fuel economic situation champ is the hybrid, ranked 28/28 mpg, yet that comes at a substantial rate premium and with basic four-wheel drive.

The Highlander is obviously tuned for comfort as opposed to driving enjoyable. As the suspension is soft, the body motions are tippy and the entire vehicle rolls and also lolls in fast corners. You will not be doing any type of perky driving in this family members truckster, but just what you get in return is superb flight top quality that's smooth also over several of one of the most severely busted pavement, aided by tall sidewalls on the 17-inch tires that absorb bumps with little noise or disturbance to your peacefulness. Hang an iPad on the seatback, and the munchkins won't be bothered by road problems in the smallest. Faster highway driving is just as calm and also hushed.

Safety and security

The current Highlander has been crash-tested by both the National Highway Traffic Security Management as well as the Insurance Institute for Highway Security. NHTSA ranked the Highlander 4 from five stars on the whole, while IIHS provided the Highlander its top rating of Excellent in all its major examinations, making it Top Safety Choose status.

As for equipment, the Highlander has all the requisite digital safety measures, like grip control, anti-skid brakes and also an electronic security system. Front, side, driver's knee and side curtain airbags are typical. There was no backup video camera on my test lorry, however it's a $699 alternative on base designs (requirement on all various other trim levels), an instead blazing omission from the tools list for a supposed household vehicle.

Highlander in the marketplace

The Highlander V6 four-wheel drive I examined had one noteworthy top quality that could not be ignored: a comparatively reduced as-tested cost of $33,477, including an $845 destination cost. The starting rate for this base V-6 design with all-wheel drive is $32,690, suggesting alternatives on my tester were few: just a $60 Winter Plan, a $29 first-aid package, a $49 cargo internet as well as an instead expensive $649 three-row flooring mat package. If you intend to skip the V-6 as well as all-wheel drive, the Highlander with a four-cylinder engine as well as front-wheel drive starts at $29,865. At the other end of the spectrum is a completely filled Highlander Crossbreed Limited all-wheel drive, which starts at $47,215-- rather a dramatic array.

Midsize SUVs have been taking over for minivans in family-hauling obligations, and also the number of entries in the field is more than ever before. Calling for 7 seats does cut the list down ever before so somewhat. The Highlander's primary competitors are the Nissan Pathfinder, Honda Pilot, Chevrolet Traverse/GMC Acadia, Ford Explorer, Hyundai Santa Fe, Mazda CX-9 as well as Dodge Durango. If you can cope with just five seats, include the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Nissan Murano, Ford Side, Toyota Venza and Kia Sorento. That's more than a loads other cars to consider, demonstrating just how affordable this section actually is. The closest suits are the Pathfinder, Explorer as well as Santa Fe (not the Santa Fe Sport, mind you, which is a smaller sized, five-seat version). The Pathfinder features just a V-6 and also continuously variable automatic transmission, while the Santa Fe's seven-seat design provides just a V-6. The Explorer uses two V-6 engines as well as an optional turbo four-cylinder, all mated to a six-speed transmission. All are similar in terms of room, cost as well as utility, however the Highlander's rivals typically have the advantage in gas economic climate and on-board innovation.

The 2014 Highlander will finally obtain a six-speed transmission for its V-6 engine, which need to boost fuel economic climate and velocity. It also gets seating for eight thanks to a larger freight area and also a broader third-row seat. Engines will rollover unchanged, however, suggesting there will still be no direct-injection or turbocharging. The exterior and interior updates look good and ought to keep the Highlander competitive, and that's really all Toyota has to do to maintain the Highlander's sales numbers up-- aesthetic modifications that maintain it fresh in an ultra-competitive market. Toyota currently has the utility, comfort, competence as well as family-friendly parts down pat. Working on its aesthetic appeal and also on-board innovation will only strengthen the Highlander's placement.

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