Cars Under 2000

Cars Under 2000: A tight budget plan does not suggest you need to compromise on top quality. Below are some excellent pre-owned cars offered for under ₤ 2,000.
A brand-new automobile must provide you the very latest technical improvements, refined comfort and lively performance, and also enhanced running costs on the generation that came prior to it. But if your budget plan doesn't extend to something fresh from the manufacturing facility, do not misery: a dependable secondhand automobile that gets you from A to B needn't break the bank. Below are the very best utilized cars you could obtain for ₤ 2,000.

We've created 7 choices that set you back less than ₤ 2,000, covering whatever from hatchbacks to sports cars. It simply goes to show that if you're willing to look carefully enough in the second-hand cars and truck market, there's every opportunity you'll uncover a deal vehicle that do everything you require them to.

For example, we found an accident-free Vauxhall Astra that had actually done simply over 1,000 miles for every year of its life since 2008, all for just ₤ 1,400.

There was also a BMW Z3 - albeit at two times the age of the Astra as well as even more miles on the clock - for ₤ 1,777. An appealing cost for a 118bhp exchangeable sportscar.

Naturally, all this need to be taken with a pinch of salt. In this rate bracket an extensive assessment and examination drive are a must, while a clean solution history will go a long way to figuring out whether an utilized automobile remains in good working order.

However with the right amount of caution, there's no reason you can not get hold of a real half-price hero. And for less than ₤ 2,000, a gamble could be worth the danger ...

Cars Under 2000

Mazda RX-8

Mazda RX-8 1.3 228bhp (2005/55 reg, 65k miles)
Price new: £22,300
Now: £1,350
Engine: 1.3-litre rotary, 228bhp
Economy: 24.8mpg
CO2: 284g/km

Desire a sports car that stands out? The Mazda RX-8 could be for you. The rear-wheel-drive sports car has space for 4, with rear-hinged half-doors to assist access, while active handling makes driving a joy.

However, while the rev-happy rotary engine has a relatively small 228bhp (there was also a 190bhp version), it's parched for gas and oil. The latter requirements covering up every 1,000 miles, as well as neglecting to do so could possibly bring about engine failure, so make sure that any kind of prospective purchase has actually been well looked after.

Vauxhall Astra

Vauxhall Astra 1.6 i 16v SXi Sport Hatch (2008, 10,000 miles)
Price new: £14,925
Now: £1,400
Engine: 1.6-litre 4-cyl, 113bhp
Economy: 43.5mpg
CO2: 155g/km

he Vauxhall Astra has actually continually been one of the best marketing cars in the UK, having included in the top ten sales list in Britain yearly since time immemorial. A good all-rounder in today day, Vauxhall's flagship hatchback has endured while others have actually labored.

And also with many generations of Astra when driving, you can always count on there being a properly maintained, fairly young, low mileage model out there for a budget friendly cost. While most from circa 2008 will cost slightly greater than the ₤ 1,400 instance we located, there's always an opportunity you'll find proprietors who want to go down the rate in exchange for a fast sale. Tick all those boxes, and you're laughing.

Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo Mk3 2.0 Zetec (2007/57 reg, 112k miles)
Price new: £17,195
Now: £1,450
Engine: 2.0-litre 4cyl, 143bhp
Economy: 35.8mpg
CO2: 189g/km

Press to the ₤ 1,500 mark and also you could obtain a great deal of vehicle for your loan. That's precisely what the Mk3 Ford Mondeo uses, because it's just significant.

Ford took excellent satisfaction in the fact this variation was as vast as a BMW 5 Collection, as well as the outcome is a large inside with lots of room for 5 occupants and their baggage. Yet despite its size, the Mk3 is still as much enjoyable to drive as its predecessors, and also it's as active as a Concentrate on a twisty roadway.

The very earliest Mk3 Mondeos are striking their 10th birthday celebrations, so prices are reduced. Choose an unpopular engine, such as the 2.0-litre gasoline, and a reasonably well specced Zetec model will set you back less than ₤ 1,500, with hardly any kind of cost distinction in between the hatch as well as cavernous estate. You could also choose a hard-to-find drinkery; these were marketed in little numbers in the UK and also are hardly any much less useful than the hatch.

Skoda Superb

Skoda Superb 2.0 TDI PD Comfort 4dr (2006, 111,000 miles)
Price new: £19,917
Now: £1,750
Engine: 2.0-litre, 140bhp
Economy: 44.1mpg
CO2: 173g/km

Superb by name, exceptional naturally. Skoda's riskily-named household tavern is just one of the best vehicles in its class today, and if you want to rewind the clock it's feasible to use the Superb's heritage for less than 2 grand.

Geared up with five seats, a sufficient boot and a 140bhp engine, this iteration of the Superb - dating back to 2006 - was capable of striking 44.1 mpg when brand-new. Just how those figures look greater than a years on is another matter, although at just ₤ 1,750 it's not something you're most likely to fret.


BMW Z3 1.9 Roadster (2000, 92,000 miles)
Price new: £18,835
Now: £1,777
Engine: 1.9-litre, 118bhp
Economy: 36.2mpg
CO2: 187g/km

Since replaced by the Z4 in 2002, the Z3 was BMW's initial attempt at a mass-market roadster. The German marque sold more than a quarter of a numerous them over the course of its life, as well as it also made a short look in the James Bond film GoldenEye in 1995.

The 1.9-litre engine found in this particular version wasn't one of the most effective ever fitted to the Z3, however after that the very best cars typically aren't suggested to have loads of power. 118bhp will certainly be plenty to raise the heart rate along a moderate B-road, and also ought to maintain you ticking along rather gladly almost everywhere else.

Mercedes S-Class

Mercedes S320 (2002/02 reg, 89k miles)
Price new: £49,810
Now: £1,990
Engine: 3.2-litre V6, 221bhp
Economy: 24.6mpg
CO2: 276g/km

There's no finer luxury automobile than the Mercedes S-Class, and the W220 version is currently available for a portion of what it deserved brand-new. cars at this price are most likely to be ex-private hire lorries, but the instance we discovered had a complete background, which will provide included peace of mind.

This version of the S-Class brought Distronic adaptive cruise ship control, as well as cars from 2002 featured Mercedes' Pre-Safe collision detection. The COMAND cabin control system made its opening night, also, so check that all of the technology works with any type of possible purchase.

SEAT Altea

Price new: £12,667
Now: £1,990
Engine: 1.6-litre, 100bhp
Economy: 36.7mpg
CO2: 185g/km

By no indicates a groundbreaking car, yet not every car has to be. When it was new the Altea delivered middling economic climate and also middling efficiency from the 1.6-litre engine supplied below (the 1.8-litre turbo was the suitable choice back then). Even the trim - Recommendation Sporting activity - sat in the centre of 6 degrees.

Unremarkable though it might be, it features 5 seats, 5 doors, and also enough room to go around for both guests and travel luggage. At the same time it isn't really troublingly huge - like some significantly cumbersome crossovers on the market today - and also crucially it can be your own for a fraction of the rate. Remove the nonsense as well as accept SEAT's center guy.

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