08 toyota Tundra

08 toyota Tundra: When Toyota first announced it was coming out with a full-size pickup truck to go visit going with the large children from Ford, Chevy, and also Dodge, the question emerged regarding whether an import might really complete as a heavyweight. The response is in: The brand-new Toyota Tundra is currently all set to take on any American-made pickup truck-- on all levels.

08 toyota Tundra

Superiority? Toyota is pulling no punches by presenting one of the biggest, strongest, and a lot of capable automobiles in the sector, along with spending billions in a brand-new cutting edge factory in the heart of truck country-San Antonio, Texas. Value? With Toyota wanting to more than increase its existence in the fiercely disputed half-ton market, the Tundra represents among one of the most very expected brand-new vehicle launches in years-- cars and truck or truck. Worth? The brand-new Tundra provides 3 various powertrains (one V-6 as well as two V-8s), with the 5.7-liter V-8 a high-tech wonder and also torque monster-- and is among one of the most effective engines in any type of half-ton arrangement. Toyota's system has the whole sector covered with 3 different bed dimensions, 3 separate wheelbases covering 5 different taxicab and also bed setups, incorporated with 3 different trim packages (Tundra Quality, SR5, and also Limited) in 4 × 4 and 4 × 2 drivetrains-- 44 various truck flavors to interested customers, from work truck to deluxe touring.

Supplying that sort of selection right from the gate is impressive and enthusiastic; as a matter of fact, some might state too enthusiastic. The current launch of the new Tundra has actually not lacked a couple of missteps. Several months ago, a very early outcome of camshafts in the 5.7-liter V-8 were failing. Toyota informs us they traced down all the afflicted components to a specific batch and have actually since made the modifications to the design. No failings have actually surfaced considering that. A lot more recently, there have actually been some reports of transmission shudder under particular low-speed problems, which suppliers have actually mapped to a torque converter concern. Toyota claims these occurrences were separated as well as have actually likewise been solved. As well as lastly, there's been chatter on the Internet concerning tailgate problems, which Toyota remains in the procedure of locating. Our assumption is many of these stories spread like wildfire, given the lightning-rod result this new vehicle is having with lovers and the speed with which a Net item can take a trip. With all that claimed, allow's take a much deeper consider just what's special regarding our 2008 victor.

As discussed in the introduction to this special area, we ran our challengers with a series of on- as well as off-road programs at a functioning Arizona proving-ground center, subjecting all our test systems to a rigorous collection of standards. It was in our work-duty screening that the Tundra initially began to capture our focus, with the 5.7-liter V-8 Minimal CrewMax Tundra running miles ahead of the competitors, with as well as without a loaded trailer in tow (note our performance evaluation in the tale and the Tundra's winning Performance Rating). The Tundra verified itself a celebrity player in ordinary gown (Double Taxicab Tundra Grade, 4.7 L V-8; $27K), along with in completely decked out (CrewMax Limited, 5.7 L V-8; $47K). When dressed down, the front bench seats enables a column shifter as well as work-truck dash with a double glovebox and hidden facility storage area under the facility seat. Our fully loaded design had supple natural leather captain's chairs and a massive facility console storage space container, large enough to hold a few laptop computers and serve as a declaring cabinet. The CrewMax version, with its extensive passenger cabin, provides a sliding back seat with drop-forward and slide-forward capacity.

Among the more important interior conveniences, cabin quiet (while driving on harsh roadways or at highway speeds) is most likely the Tundra's most outstanding high quality. If there's a quieter truck available, we have not driven it. Just 2 beefs with the interior: the center pile's extreme dimension as well as aesthetic split (appears like it's cut in two) and the area of the navigation system virtually out of arm's grab the driver.

Is it the ideal vehicle? That relies on exactly what you require, yet by using 44 various taste options, Toyota anticipates to have just what you're searching for, stuffing sturdy vehicle capacities right into a half-ton truck that's quiet and also solid. After some dispute, the majority of our courts agree: One of the most deserving rival for Motor Pattern's 2008 Vehicle of the Year title is the all-new Toyota Tundra.

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